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1:Summer 1981: Currency, Royal Wedding, Business Premises, Unemployment, Holidays, Food
2:Royal Wedding Special 1981: Diary for the DayThe 1981 Royal wedding
3:Autumn 1981: Currency, Pet Food, Shopping Strategies, Business Premises, Unemployment, Liberal-SDP Alliance, Christmas opening and closing of new shops; cheque books; use of loose change; effect of unemployment on family relationships; food shopping strategies; unemployment; the labour party's deputy leader election in 1981; 1981 Christmas; Liberal-SDP Alliance; the cost of feeding pets;
4:Spring 1982: House Prices, Unsolicited Mail, Weather in January, Railway Strike, Local Elections, Business Premises, Unemployment, Falklands/Malvinas War opening and closing of new shops; Local elections; Local house prices; Unemployment; Rail strikes; Industrial relations; Unsolicited mail; Food prices; Effect of weather on food prices;
5:The Falkland Islands Crisis 1982: War with ArgentinaWar;Media
6:Summer 1982: Public&Private Services, The Budget, Gas & Electricity Bills, Royalty, Inflation, Currency, Food, EEC
7:EEC Special: Tenth Anniversary of British Entry Into Europe Holidays; Leisure; Elections; Europe; EEC Parliament;
8:Autumn 1982: Pocket Money, Business Premises/Cheque Books/Currency Parenthood; Pocketmoney; Teenagers; opening and closing of new shops; Cheque books; Children/ Childhood; Currency; Coins; Family relationships; description of mantelpiece; Homes; Income
10: Winter 1982: Food, Gardening remembered foods from childhood;food and the environment;food preferences;vegetarianism, 'grow your own'
11:Spring 1983: The General Election, Water workers' Strike, Coinage, Viewing and Reading
12: Summer 1983: Work work and unemployment: future hopes and fears;comparisons: men's & women's jobs;employment, past, present, future;retirement;
13: Autumn 1983: Housework & maintenance, business premises Mantelpieces;housework allocation;sharing of domestic work;description of living room;a week's domestic work log;
14: Winter 1983: Christmas Cards, Buying British
15: Spring 1984: Social Well-Being Health care;self esteem;health;well-being
16: Summer 1984: Electronic Banking, Miscellany cheque books;buying on credit;using banks;cash cards;saving;cash points;and current issues in the news
17: Autumn 1984: Attitudes To USA President Kennedy;European in relation to USA;attitude to American films;attitudes towards to the USA;
18: Winter 1984: Relatives, Friends & Neighbours relatives and neighbours;Friendships;gender roles and social relationships;relatives
19: Spring 1985: Morality & religion; Posters abortion;charities and moral beliefs;crime and moral issues;gender roles and morality;medical experiments;morality;overseas aid;beliefs & practices;science and medical experiments;animal experiments;vivisection
19: Spring 1985: Postersposters;posters in windows
20: Autumn 1986: Major Eventsmajor events of 1986

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